Frequently asked questions (faq) and answers about the most curious about hair styles and cuts.


Is there a suitable model for every hair type? Can short haircuts be worn for all face types? How should I choose a hair type that suits my dress and makeup style? What are the differences between Pixie and Short Bob hairstyles? What are the methods of choosing a modern hair design?

There are many questions and sometimes it is difficult to answer. If you are not familiar with hair types and models, our expert team gives you great ideas. Long hairstyles can sometimes be wavy, curl or straight hair types. Short haircuts are different for thick and thin hair strands. Some ladies think it is more difficult to choose models for thin hair strands, but it shows that they do not have enough information.

For the most frequently asked questions and answers about all hairstyles and cuts, the recommendations of our expert hairstyles teams are listed below. You should start researching the hair color and type that suits you!

Women with curly hair structure prefer to cut their hair short, especially in summer. The warming of the weather and the weight of the hair lead women to short hair. However, short hair is not as useful as long hair when it comes to styling. Short curly hair does not have as many styling options as long hair. Short hair is easier to style if it has enough moisture and is well-groomed. Use shampoo, mask and conditioner especially for short curly hair. These products especially nourish the curls and prevent the frizz of the curly strands. In this way, the hair becomes even more obedient.

Do you have curly hair? Are you looking for a curly hairstyle that suits your face? Yes, you are in the right place. We are sure that we will help you with our stylish visuals. Curly hair is not always an advantage. Sometimes it is difficult to give the shape you want and it makes you tired because the hair is so voluminous. Especially rainy weather is when curly hair is the most unbearable. It is very tiring to struggle with the voluminous and lush structure of the hair in these weathers. We have brought together useful, modern, curly hairstyles that best suit your face shape and hair color for you.

Although the Mohawk haircut is thought of as the hairstyle of angry gentlemen, this perception has changed in recent years. It is now accepted by celebrities, athletes, movie stars and other men. There are many varieties of this hairstyle and it is used fondly by men. In this hairstyle, the sides are shaved very short. A long strip of hair extends from the top of the head to the nape. This ribbon-like hair creates an eye-catching look. It is possible to shape this section in many ways. This hairstyle was a warrior haircut in the past. Later, over the years, punk and rock artists changed to create the new mohawk style. Men who follow rock artists also have their hair cut in the same style as them.

Regardless of age, women are aware that short haircuts look younger. As the age progresses, women have to use short hair due to their nature. Hair strands get thinner with age and hair decreases. That's why there are pixie and bob models. It will save you from these troubles. Short hairstyles are the favorite choice for women over the age of 50, making them look young.

Women who keep up with the changing times love innovations. Women who apply this in every aspect of their lives and in their appearance are also very brave about hair color. They are so cool with their outfits, make-up and hair colors, and their vibrant and eye-catching style. One of the most fashionable colors of recent years is the color and tones of blue. It is the favorite of women. Dark tones are very compatible with black hair color. The endless choice of shades is endless, from light to deep blue. Blue ombre hair is very fashionable in 2021. But there are so many options, don't limit yourself. Be sure to take a look at our page that we have prepared for many color options from blue pink hair to blue purple hair.

When we look at the hairstyles of black women, we can see how stylish they are. Especially the short cut hair they use supports this attitude a lot. They have an eye-catching elegance in any environment with short cut black and brown hair models suitable for skin colors. They are using their short haircuts fondly and up-to-date in 2021. The short hairstyle looks very beautiful in its natural state. However, this segment will require updating over time. It will be necessary to be styled by a professional stylist. Among the trend and short haircuts of 2021, pixie hairstyles are at the forefront.

Women like stylish and extravagant hairstyles. Mohawk hairstyle is at the beginning of these models. This hairstyle was not used by every woman before. When we come to 2021, it was liked and loved by all women, especially celebrities. This model, known as the male model, adorns the hair of beautiful women by adapting it to the hairstyles of modern times. In 2021, it is at the peak of its popularity. The mohawk hairstyle, which has a tough look in men, has become more gentle and elegant in women.

When women get older, they think about creating a new image by choosing the right hairstyle. They choose models that will make them look younger without sacrificing an elegant and respectable appearance. Wavy hairstyles, which are among the most suitable models for gray hair, are suitable for every face structure. Wavy hair is stylish, modern and goes well with any outfit. Wavy hairstyles are very suitable for women over the age of 50 and are also very stylish to use with different color tones. Women are generally in favor of using wavy hair at shoulder length. The wavy hairstyle provides a voluminous and textured look to the hair.

The undercut model, which is a very popular style for men, has also found a place in women's fashion in recent years. Women who follow fashion closely and keep up with it love to use undercut haircut. This cut, which is very fashionable in 2021, is a short hairstyle in which one or both of the temples are cut very short and shaved. She is at the top of the list of women who are comfortable and like to use short hair. It is possible to apply the undercut hairstyle for hair of any length. In this model, the shaved part can be on the back as well as on the sides. When it is done on the sides, it especially highlights the facial features.

The dreadlocks hairstyle, which is the most modern and stylish hairstyle of all time, especially suits black women. Black women's thick and voluminous hair looks great with this model. The dreadlocks model is great for them to showcase an eye-catching, easy-care and stylish style. It does not pose a problem that will negatively affect the care of black women. Dreadlocks do not disturb the hair nature of women as there is no chemical content while making the hairstyle. The scalp does not deteriorate and the moisture balance is preserved with this hairstyle. With this hairstyle, black women can fulfill their endless imagination desires for their hair.